Online Baccarat Australia 2023

Smith Frankinson | January 2, 2018 | Updated on: Jan 8th, 2023

Baccarat aka the James Bond classic casino game oozes elegance & sheer style. Widely known by the names Baccarat Banque, Baccarat Chemin de fer, or Punto Banco, this classic game with a rich history has become the talk of the town in every casino around the world.

In reality, Baccarat is a game that requires no special skills. The low house edge gives everyone a decent chance of taking home some big winnings. This simple yet fast-paced game is extremely popular & keeps you at the edge of the seat till the end. This enticing game is lived by the majority of Australian players for all the right reasons. 

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Online Casinos to Play Free Baccarat

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How to Play Online Baccarat?

Being one of the most sought after online casino games, Online baccarat offers the most seamless & intuitive experience. Players need to understand that before the cards are dealt, the player places a wager between three options- the player to win, Banker, or on the hands being a tie. Here’s a step by step guide on how to play baccarat online & win.

  • To begin with, players need to select an online baccarat casino of their choice.
  • Now you need to choose the size of the bet. The maximum & minimum amount of bet is prescribed by the respective casino for the chosen game.
  • Once you choose the size of the bet, you can wager. Choose which hand is going to win between the baccarat player, banker, or if there will be a tie.
  • Now the dealer will hand two faces up cards to the player, and two faces up cards to the baccarat banker as well. You need to count the total value of the cards and decide the next move.
  • Once you calculate the total sum of the hand, the dealer will present you with an option to draw the third card. However, this option is applicable in certain situations only.

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Online Baccarat Rules Explained

First things first. Knowing the easy rules of baccarat can help you cash in some real money & make you a pro player in no time. A winning hand in baccarat is a hand that totals closer to 9. The hand with the higher value wins. Tens & face cards are counted as zero. Only the last digit of the total is used. So, all baccarat hands have values in the range of 0 to 9. The hand with the higher value wins. If the hands have the same value, the result is a tie.

  • Player Hand – If the player’s first two cards have a total of 6 or more, the player stands without drawing a card. If the player’s first two cards total 5 or less, the player is given an option to draw an additional card.
  • Banker Hand – If the first two cards of a banker total 7 or more, the banker must stand without drawing a card. If the banker’s first two cards total 0, 1, or 2, the banker must draw a card. If the first two cards sum up to 3, 4, 5, or 6, whether the banker draws depends if the player drew & the value of the player’s drawcard.

Baccarat – The Transformation from Medieval times to 21st Century

The history of baccarat goes back to medieval Italy. Created in the 1400s by a man named Felix Falguiere or Falguierein. He called the game “baccara”, Italian for “zero”, as all the tens and face cards were worth zero. The table card game gained momentum in the 15th Century when it was introduced in France with different names & rules.

Zero is a very relevant term when all the face value cards such as King, Queen & 10 are worth zero. In the beginning, the game was meant to be played society members from the upper class & aristocrats while the working class could not play the game. It was until the 19th century the game emerged & crossed all borders to become a global connoisseur of table games, finding its way to casinos in Europe, North & South America.

The game is referred to as Punto Banco in the local culture of Cuba. Baccarat became one of the oldest & most famous card games in land casinos. However, with the advent of online casinos, the action-packed online baccarat elevates your gameplay by allowing you to play at the comfort of your home along with numerous added perks.

FAQs on Online Baccarat

Honestly, it’s a matter of personal taste. Some prefer the simplicity of baccarat while others prefer the thrill of blackjack. Baccarat is more about chances when compared to blackjack. Both games have unique odds that can help you win real money.

Yes, absolutely. The Baccarat casinos we recommend permit the demo mode wherein players can practice & get hold of the game before venturing on real money games. It boosts your confidence & gives you time to chalk out strategies for cashing out big.

Typically, the regular odds are 1.06% for the Banker bet, 1.24% for the Player bet & 14.36% for a tie bet. A banker bet charges a commission on 5% when you win it. Many tables have higher limits than the other table games.

The cards in Baccarat are valued uniquely. The Queen, King, Jack, and 10 are valued at 0. The Ace is considered 1, while the rest of the cards are valued at their face value. For instance, six of spades is valued at six.