Casinos Accepting Bitcoin Deposit & Payments

Smith Frankinson | January 2, 2018 | Updated on: Dec 31st, 2021

A few years ago, blockchain-powered cryptocurrency was particularly vague for most people. However, Bitcoin surely gained popularity & became a widespread form of payment opening a whole new world of options. Several casinos accepting Bitcoin are growing & players are more aware of the benefits of adding Bitcoin to the list of available deposit options. Available for Aussie players for a few years, Bitcoin has opened up a whole new world of options. 

Considered one of the most secure methods of payment, Bitcoin has been available for Aussies for quite a few years. If you are based in Australia but still reluctant to use one or the other cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is the perfect alternative. With lots of undeniable advantages stemming from the use of Bitcoin, it has transformed the global financial system.

Once you obtain a Bitcoin, you’re ready to play your preferred game at any of the featured Bitcoin casinos.

The Dawn of Bitcoin

From being an unknown decentralized currency to a widely accepted medium of exchange, Bitcoin has revamped the digital currency system. Invented at the end of 2008 by an unknown person under the alias name Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin currency officially came to use in 2009 with the implementation as open-source software. Attracting an ever-increasing army of bitcoin miners, today many Australian online casinos offer top shelf entertainment with Bitcoin. With no middle-man & banks, Bitcoin flows directly from your wallet to your casino account in no time

Bitcoin Gambling in Australia

In terms of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is arguably the most widespread method of payment at online casinos. If you’re based in Australia & still reluctant, Bitcoin might be the perfect alternative. One of the most secure methods for making deposits & withdrawals, today many Australian players have realized the huge benefits of using Bitcoin at online casinos. Play at our heart’s content with Bitcoin.

The only thing you need to gamble with Bitcoin is a secure internet connection and some cryptos. The gambler can rejoice as he can make transactions easily without having to provide the casino with his bank account information. No need to furnish the details of credit or debit cards either. With a little personal information not more than your email address, Bitcoin will flow directly from your wallet to your casino account. Bitcoin offers Australians a simple, secure & incognito way of gambling online.

Top 4 Casinos Accepting Bitcoin Deposit Options

The below listed Australian casinos are the answer to your prayers for a reliable & secure way of gambling with Bitcoin.

Getting Bitcoins in Australia

An increasing number of casinos in Australia are accepting Bitcoin as payment. Bitcoin has been declared legal in Australia by the governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia since 2013. Cryptocurrency being legal in Australia, you can do a lot more with Bitcoin apart from the financial market. First of all Australian players have to purchase Bitcoins and store them in a Bitcoin wallet to make use at online casinos. 

The simplest way to purchase Bitcoins is through a cryptocurrency exchange. Like CoinBase, CoinMama, CoinJar & many more. Moreover, you can also connect with Bitcoin buyers & sellers on online platforms & make a purchase. Besides, Australian players can also make use of the ‘FindBitcoin ATM’ app & get a Bitcoin in exchange for AUDs. If you’re thinking of getting into the Bitcoin game, it is essential to store your Bitcoins in a digital wallet rather than storing them in exchange.

Deposits & Withdrawals with Bitcoin Casinos

Once you acquire Bitcoin, the first you have to do is set up your wallet and then verify your account. For smaller amounts, you can create a wallet within the system provider but larger amounts require you to download an encrypted wallet to your smartphone. The next thing you need to do is fund your wallet. This can be done via a bank wire or you can ask someone to transfer Bitcoin from their wallet to yours. 

When you make a deposit, your Bitcoins are converted to a standard currency, and the deposit is processed accordingly. When you choose Bitcoin as a deposit option a special key is generated for every transaction. Just copy/paste it and determine the amount of Bitcoin you would like to transfer. The amount is processed through blockchain technology & you can start playing right away. 

As far as withdrawals are concerned, some casinos might not process withdrawals via Bitcoin. In that case, players can opt for a paper check as a withdrawal method. Once you create an account with a reliable casino, check whether they allow deposits and withdrawals with Bitcoins. If you initiate a withdrawal via Bitcoin, you’ll see a cashing window & you need to enter the amount for withdrawal & confirm the transaction. Make sure you enter the details correctly as once sent, Bitcoins cannot be taken back.

Advantages of using Bitcoins

While many countries are yet to legalize online gambling via Bitcoin, Australia is one of the few Bitcoin-friendly countries to date. With Bitcoins, you can play at ease as you don’t owe any fees for bank transactions.

  • Fast & Secure – Once you set up a Bitcoin wallet, the transactions are processed at a lightning speed. Besides, you won’t encounter any chargeback issues like standard credit cards.
  • Easy To Use – When you send money to the Bitcoin address of the casino, the desired amount is transferred instantly after confirmation. Plus Bitcoins are not subjected to any kind of taxations.
  • Anonymity – With Bitcoin, all you need to provide is your username and e-mail address & choose a strong password. No personal or bank details are required.
  • Direct Transactions – As you make transactions, Bitcoin flows directly from your wallet to your casino account without any interference from a third party.

Frequently Asked Questions on Bitcoin Deposits

Players need to adhere to certain deposit and withdrawal limits based on their preferred casino.

As Bitcoin transactions are done through blockchain technology, the withdrawals to your Bitcoin wallet are made instantly.

Generally, Bitcoin casinos convert your Bitcoins into a fiat currency like AUD, USD, or GBP so that you can make deposits easily & begin your game without any hassles.