Online Keno Casinos in Australia 2023

Smith Frankinson | January 2, 2018 | Updated on: Jan 8th, 2023

Keno games have delighted loyal gambling enthusiasts around the world for centuries. The overwhelming excitement it brings is unmatchable. Keno casino games have disrupted the casino industry in Australia. Traditional Keno games can be played at casinos, pubs & tabs across the country. This enthralling game has managed to capture to the heart of many players by winning huge jackpots. 

A modern-day online Keno can be played right at your home away from the chaos of the casinos. Today, online casinos have developed several variants of Keno to capture & retain the essence of traditional Keno while playing with real money. CasinosOnlineAU team brings you the premier Australian casinos that offer free & real money Keno games. Get started when you hit on the ideal online casino for you. This article will make you familiar with the game & spill the beans on useful tips about this lottery style game.

The best Australian casinos offer amazing bonuses, thrilling incentives & free games. Read on to find out more about the exclusive online keno casinos & bonuses on this page. 

Keno – The Game of Winning Numbers

Playing Keno at land-based casinos can be quite intimidating. With online casinos, you can easily play at the sanctity of your home. This lottery game is most loved simply because it’s easy to play & understand when you win. The game starts when you select a group of numbers in the range of 1 to 80. The number you elect is called keno spot. In almost all keno games, a total of 20 virtual balls are drawn by the casino software. When you hit “quick pick”, the software picks the number on your behalf, but the odds remain unchanged. 

The aim is to match as many as chosen numbers with the drawn numbers. The numbers that match your bet are referred to as “catches”. The more numbers you get right, the more you win. Players can place bets according to their choice. However, the payout size depends on the numbers matched & wagering per number. Besides, players can also place bets on groups & combinations of numbers. Moreover, there are also bonus numbers or boosters that are a common addition. Boosters often provide a massive return on the bet.

Keno is a lottery gambling game with its origin in China. Its history dates back to 2000 years. Since the 3rd century BC, Keno has existed in most provinces of China. Province Governor would collect a share of the profit for granting permission to run Keno lottery games. It’s said that taxes on Keno games have been used to build the Great China wall.

In Keno gambling games, a board is used with numbers 1 to 80 printed on it. A player can wager on up to 20 numbers by squaring the number or buying tickets with printed numbers. However, the details and rules may vary a little from casino to casino. To select the winners, 20 numbers are drawn randomly through numbered balls or pellets. Players whose wagering number matches with the result numbers win he prizes.

The Origin of Keno

The word Keno is derived from a Latin origin, deeply rooted in China. The Chinese name for Keno is ‘white dove ticket’. This refers to carrier pigeons that delivered the game results in rural villages. It is believed that a man named Cheung Leung invented the game to raise money to fund the city’s defenses. This game became so successful that & spread across other countries. Many people believe it helped to fund the Great Wall of China. Keno found its way in Australia in the 19th century.

Gradually the game was made more inclusive by replacing the characters with the numbers. Experience the truly old classic casino game with Online Keno to try out your luck. The array of numbers can be intimidating, but once you get hold of it, you’ll find it worthwhile. There are several unique variations of online casino keno you can dive into, especially when you’re looking to try out something new.

Top 4 Casinos Offering Keno Game Online

Our listed casinos are subjected to intense scrutiny to ensure they’re trustworthy & secure.

Why Play Online Keno?

Like a traditional lottery, Online Keno has gained immense popularity for all the right reasons. Whether you’re playing at home on your desktop or in the garden from your mobile phone, the game of keno is now a few clicks away. Online casino operators use the Random Number Generators (RNG), a software that predicts the order of numbers being drawn.

The RNGs help ensure fair play without any predictable number being drawn. Players can try the games for free before venturing out in the real money keno games. Another benefit of playing online Keno is exclusive varied bonuses & offers players get while signing up for any casino account and while being a loyal member of the casino. Nothing matches the feeling of winning & online keno games won’t let you down.

Keno is available in an online format at virtual casinos everywhere including in Australia. Here, gamblers select numbers to place their wagers. To win, their numbers should correspond to the numbers drawn through Random Number Generator (RNG). Real money online keno can have several themes, formats, and betting limits.

Playing online keno is easy and can be performed in a few simple steps. Online keno operators carry out the drawings at regular intervals, usually every 3 to 4 minutes. It means you can play keno anytime during the 24 hours. Playing online keno compared to the traditional keno offers many advantages and flexibilities.

For example, you can select the number of drawings. It means once you’ve selected your numbers on the keno board, you can choose to stay with your numbers for as many as subsequent drawings, usually capped at 30 to 50 consecutive drawings. You don’t need to stick around the screen and do it for every game.

It also offers the players the option of adding a bonus. Under this, your win amount can multiply depending on the bonus you’ve chosen. Most casinos will allow you to choose bonuses that multiply your prize money up to 10 times.

There are a wide variety of keno paytables or payouts depending on casinos and the house edge they set for themselves. For non-slot games, the standard house edge is under 5% while you may find casinos with a house edge ranging from 4% to 35%.

Top Tips & Tricks for Online Keno To Help You in Winning

Playing Keno online in an Australian casino is still simple & user-friendly without any fuss. Instead of worrying about the bits of paper or making scratches with a pen, the digital card allows players to pick the numbers leaving no room for confusion. While Keno is a game of sheer luck, here are a few handy tips that can help you in winning.

  • Always check the payout chart before you start playing. When you know what you need to achieve, you can stay focussed on the game.
  • Seek out for the casinos offering special bonuses for Keno players. Apart from bonuses, you can also find other promotions. This gives you an edge when you start playing.
  • Choose a definite set of numbers & bet on those numbers consistently. This will help you identify a number matched more often. You can modify it accordingly. Try out this to see if that works in your favor.
  • Pick a reliable casino. Illegal casinos can land you in trouble. Before playing know the details of the casinos & the platform they provide.
  • Always select the game with better payouts. You need to check the variants offered by different casinos.
  • Set a predetermined win & loss limit before you start playing Keno. Stop playing as soon as you win or lose the specific amount.

Frequently Asked Questions on Online Keno

Keno is a game of sheer chance. No particular strategy can be implied to win at keno. This is the reason why it’s loved by Aussies. Winning a big keno prize is about pure luck.

To start a game, all you need is a stable internet connection & a smart device to play with. You can sign up or log in from any of the devices & download the software or play instant through the browser.

Keno enthusiasts can choose from several variants of keno games. Some of the popular variants include Power Keno, Way Keno, Super Keno, Combination keno & many more.

Definitely. You can play keno from your mobile phone or tablet by registering with the online casinos that offer mobile play.

The best thing you can do is check whether the casino operator is licensed & reputable. Make sure the software providers you choose get themselves audited by a third party to ensure fair play. It will be easy to choose if the casino is regulated by licensing authorities.